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Churches Need to Welcome Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders

by pat on Mar 6, 2011 at 9:49 PM Filed in Autism and Stress | Christian Autism Stories
I am a 41 year old man with aspergers. The church is in dire need of those who understand autism. I have all but given up on attending chuches. I have tried multiple churches over the past 41 years and I am essentially accepted nowhere. People just think I am weird. I try to get involved in ministries and I get the cold shoulder. People will chew their arm off to get away from me. I really want to participate in a disciple study or some other detailed bible study but I can't. Churches just don't understand I don't talk. I can, i just don't too often. Nothing to say. The words ususally come a day late. My anxiety level is so high that many times I can not verbally pray around others. There is no small group that will put up with you if you don't share or pray, but they don't understand how important it is for me nonetheless.

I hope you succeed in your mission. There is a whole generation of us coming, we are not being incorpoarted and will be lost. We get the lip service, but not the actions.
Rant over.

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3/6/2011 10:56:16 PM

Your points are valid and well-taken. It is difficult for a person with Asperger's to fit in, even at church. Churches are going to have to become more aware of autism and take steps to understand it and include people on the autism spectrum.

We are fortunate to attend a church that has a special needs program for kids. However, I agree with you that there is an entire generation coming and action needs to be taken soon to include all of those with autism. Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention.


6/5/2011 1:00:44 AM

I have a cousin who is severely autistic. He can't sit still for very long and he yells sometimes. He is very close to my aunt in constant need of attention, so when she did go to church she didn't get to hear any of the service, because she was busy making sure he was ok. The sad thing is, it was a family operated church and no one stepped up to help her so she finally just quit going all together. So your completely right the statistics are enormously high for Autism Spectrum and whole generation of them coming up who will be lost. And who do you think will be accountable for that. Surely not them. The churches who turned them away. People who are great at lip service. I'm a christian but actions say differently. Churches are suppose to be a haven for anyone. Jesus doesn't turn anyone away, so why do the churches feel like they have the right to. It makes me really angry. I'm 30 years old and still haven't found a church I'm comfortable with going to. My kids are getting older and they know Jesus very well. But that's because of me and as it should be. But church is also suppose to be a gathering place for us to lift us up and help us get through the next week, however difficult our lives are. The world is becoming a crazy place to live in right now. And it's only going to get worse. I feel sorry for the ones who don't believe, but I feel even more sorry for the ones that do, and there actions speak other wise.


9/5/2011 11:35:19 PM

I have some understanding of how you feel. My daughter has HFA and is 13. We have had some good experiences at churches but inevitably some moron ruins it. You are right that many more are coming. Churches need to wake up and take notice. Some compassion would be great, not the freak out we get so often get.


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